1. Building Relationships – Emails are a great way to connect with customers! Communicating an appropriate amount with your customers will help you build relationships with them and increase their loyalty.

2. Growing a Community – By keeping in touch with your customers, keeping them informed about what is going on at your company, and showing genuine interest in their opinions and needs, you are helping to build a stronger community.

3. Delivering Value – Emails can allow you to deliver additional value to your customers. This value could be conveyed through useful information you send that is related to your business / their purchases, resources you provide, and of course, sharing promotions!

4. Making Income – Email marketing is can help you generate more sales when the right strategy is in place.

5. Knowing You Are On Track – By asking for feedback from your customers or sending out surveys (we recommend adding an incentive for surveys!), you can get a clear idea of the way your customers feel towards your business. When you receive positive feedback, you’ll know that you are leaving your customers satisfied! If you receive negative feedback, it is an opportunity to correct the issue, save the relationship, and improve your service in the future.

If you would like to begin email marketing, but aren’t sure where to start or how to develop an effective strategy, send us a message! We can help you create branded, professional email campaigns and help you develop a strategy for this aspect of your digital marketing. 🖥️

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