The understanding of algorithms, customers journeys can be challenging but rewarding (if practised correctly). Getting knowledge in customers trends, research papers etc is always vital to keep up to date in this changing world. But these are some knowledgable facts I found. 🤓

I have broken them up into

– Brand Awareness
– Increase Engagement
– Click Through Rate
– Return on Investment
– Rankings
– Conversions

I previously talked before about using one large video and breaking it into segments of videos. If we started to use 5 different “Segmented” videos and started to generate an increase in engagement, CTR, ROI and conversions. Where will your marketing goals be in 3-6 months? We need to start realising that our customers are now engaging more with videos compared to static images or large scale text. Something to note also, We are not talking about generating video on a daily basis. But more generating planned videos over 4-8 weeks. 🤗

We see some interesting facts and I hope this brings value to you!


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