How The Reels Algorithm Works.

The biggest difference between Instagram Reels and TikTok is their algorithms!⠀
Understanding exactly how the Reels algorithm works are absolutely essential for your success! So let’s go through it..⠀
1️⃣: You make a REELS video and you have the option to share it on your profile. You always want to click yes on this option. Why? Because when you show it on your profile, it encourages your current followers to engage right away! These first few minutes of engagement are what will determine the livelihood of your post. Videos that are not shared to your profile tend to get significantly lower engagement and therefore die off sooner.⠀
2️⃣: Once your video is shared to your profile, it begins being pushed out to your follower’s newsfeeds. Instagram tracks how much engagement your post gets compared to the time that it has been live. The faster the post collects likes, comments and shares, the higher priority it is given in the Instagram algorithm. If the post does well and is gaining traction from your followers then Instagram starts promoting it under the hashtags and location tags that you’ve provided.⠀
3️⃣: At this point, your post starts being prompted to new users who don’t already follow you via the hashtag pages, location page and discover page. If new people chose to engage, Instagram determines that your post is a winner and continues to move it up the ranks, showing it to more and more people. If no one engages, the post dies off and it’s time to try again!⠀

Essentially the entire algorithm is driven by 2 components: Engagement ❤️ and Timing⏰!⠀
You need a certain amount of engagement over a certain amount of time in order for Instagram to classify your post as a winning piece of content! The good news is that once you get to this “winning” status, Instagram is reserving the top spots on all these pages for reels.⠀

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