Use this tool to see exactly what ads your competitors are running and see some insights!🕵🏻⠀

As part of Facebook’s efforts to improve transparency, they have given businesses the ability to view and track each other’s Facebook and Instagram ad strategies⠀

If you’ve ever run ads in the past or are considering running ads in the future, this is a great tool to use to see what’s currently working in your industry and what ads you will be competing against.⠀

Keep in mind, your direct competitors are probably targeting a similar audience as you, so you don’t want to use the exact same offers or deals that they are promoting.⠀

Instead, use this tool to get a lay of the land.⠀
👉🏽See what’s working for them.⠀
👉🏽See what might be worth testing for you.⠀
👉🏽And use that information to better inform your own strategy!⠀

Did you know about this tool?? ⠀

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