Things happen fast, whether its social media, new trends, new platforms etc. Content doesn’t live forever. Which is why social media, for example, is more a game of consistency than perfection…
So what does consistency mean on social media? This is where the lifespan of a post comes into play!
When we talk about “lifespan” on social media, we mean the amount of time that a post has to gain awareness/traction.
For example: when you post on IG, the lifespan of any post is approx 23 hours. During these first 23 hours, the post is shown near the top of your followers’ newsfeeds and is considered “highly discoverable”. After 23 hours, the amount of exposure given to that specific post significantly decreases. At this point, the chances of your post going viral or gaining big traction is fairly low… The cycle has restarted after 23 hours.

Now, It’s not that much posting… I will explain below .
A client creates 1 Youtube video per month…
👉🏽 That 1 video can be transcribed into an instant article or blog post which can be posted on LinkedIn/website/Facebook
👉🏽 The same video can then be cut into 5 shorter video clips which can be used as ads on LinkedIn, IG, FB, Twitter, & Pinterest.
👉🏽 Then you can use the teachings from the video to create 3-5 Infographics that can also be shared on LinkedIn, IG, FB, Twitter, & Pinterest.
👉🏽 From the same video, you can post a behind the scenes recap on IG, Pinterest & Twitter.
👉🏽 Then you can create a weekly question forum on IG & Twitter to discuss the topics you share in your videos.
That is 9 different pieces of content shared on all platforms from one video.


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