Crean Kitchens

Based in County Mayo, Ireland

Master Craftsmanship & Kitchen Warehouse

Project Info

CLIENT: Crean Kitchens
DATE: September 29, 2020
LOCATION: Co, Mayo. Ireland

We were approached by Aiden in Crean’s Kitchens to transform his current website design and look at a full strategy for brand awareness & lead generation. Firstly, we look at there website and notice a lot of issues from a UX (User Experience) and efficiency perspective.

We decided to rebuild the homepage, about us pages and build customised booking system and enquiry form. As there was no Google Analytics installed, we were unable to see was there a drop off on the enquiry form. However, I presume there was as some questions were irrelevant.

The booking system works simultaneously and is incorporated with there Google Calendar also. The automated notifications reduce the number of “forgotten” appointments.   To ensure growth, we notify customers 24 hours after they proceeded with there appointment to review Crean’s Kitchens and we have seen 100% increase in reviews being undertaking. This has resulted at Crean’s Kitchens as being #1 reviewed company in Mayo.

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