Web Development & Design

Using your website’s full potential is the right start for winning.

Web Development & Design

Why do you need proffesional web services?

Poor functionality

We will make sure that your website functions perfectly and your users have good experience while visiting.

Unfocused websites

For capturing traffic, some brands overwhelm their platforms. We will give your platform direction by refining its structure, functions and paths through your web.

Long Term Improvements

We provide ongoing optimizations and development because we believe that’s the best suited way for your marketing and sales goals.

Elevate the appearance and performance of your website

Many people think that web development and design is just how your website looks. But it’s far more than that. Attractive and functioning website is what builds trust with your visitors and encourages them to become loyal customers of your brand.
We believe that your website should show your full understanding of what your audience wants. By partnering with us, you will get experts on your whole marketing journey who know how to transform your visitors into transactions and then into loyal brand advocates.

WordPress Development

Our chosen platform to start website building is WordPress, the most popular CMS software available. After the initial work is done, you can control your platform, minimise maintenance costs and streamline performance or future improvement.

Our WordPress developers will customise platform to suit your brand style and fulfil your needs. And of course, it doesn’t matter if you’re building your first website or just need some changes. Functionality is balanced with appropriate design which meets your requirements.

Shopify Development

As for many small eCommerce companies, Shopify is our favourite to work on. While working with you, we fulfil all your website development work with our marketing knowledge, ensure your customers satisfaction, boost traffic and keep up with your extension.

Elevate the appearance and performance of your website

With our help you can:

At Philomedia, we fully understand that small business website development is as challenging as a large commitment. That’s why we pride ourselves for our transparency and flexibility, which means that we can assess your platform and prioritise the work that needs to be done for impacting ROI and results first.

  • Improve user experience with an attractive interface and guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Use your online ranking potential with site speed optimisation and mobile design
  • Choose your preferred package of project-based or ongoing optimisation

Why us? We are ...


We want to build the best possible website to meet your business’s requirements, but also, we want you to understand its full value.


We accept your fresh ideas for redesigning your brand and are ready to bring them to life with our expertise.


We make special packages that are suitable for your brand as for your pocket. Now it’s your turn to choose!

Not sure which package is best for you?