Website Design & Development
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Our Services

Website Design

As we all know an attractive website is a key to attract customers. It will help you establish your brand in the specific niche that you are targeting. But designing a website can be tough if you do not know how to do it properly. So you’ll need the right people for the job that are proven professional and reliable at all times. They will help you have a website that is lovely to look at and at the same time functional.


About that, our web designers are trained to provide the best interface design for more efficiency of your campaigns. The training that they have undergone in the past made them what they are today as proficient web designers. They are dedicated to doing their job and will make sure that you get the design that you are looking for. This is because they have effective methodologies that are brought by their wide experience in the industry. So you can expect your brand to grow significantly as quickly as possible which is great for your business. You can expect that your business will expand significantly just in time.

Our Services

Website Development

There is no doubt that having clean code is important if you want to have a responsive website. This makes the website building a daunting task to do for some. So if you are looking to have your website for the brand that you are building, it is important to hire the right person for the job. Our team is well-versed on different coding methodologies to develop truly outstanding websites. Our team exerts countless hours in mastering their craft. As a result, world-class websites are created which provides higher chances of you getting successful on your brand building journey.


Moreover, our team sees to it that every component on the website is functional. This will make the user experience better for the people who were visiting your website. Also, the practice of maximizing the codes to its potential will make every webpage load much faster. Our team sees to it that after the website building process has ended, the website will be error-free and ready for deployment. This ensures that the user experience will be superb and desirable for everyone. To conclude, our website development methodologies are made to fit every industry that would need a website for their brand.

About The Project

Quality Kitchens at an Affordable Price

We were approached by Aiden in Crean’s Kitchens to transform his current website design and look at a full strategy for brand awareness & lead generation. Firstly, we look at there website and notice a lot of issues from a UX (User Experience) and efficiency perspective.

We decided to rebuild the homepage, about us pages and build customised booking system and enquiry form. As there was no Google Analytics installed, we were unable to see was there a drop off on the enquiry form. However, I presume there was as some questions were irrelevant.


The booking system works simultaneously and is incorporated with there Google Calendar also. The automated notifications reduce the number of “forgotten” appointments.   To ensure growth, we notify customers 24 hours after they proceeded with there appointment to review Crean’s Kitchens and we have seen 100% increase in reviews being undertaking. This has resulted at Crean’s Kitchens as being #1 reviewed company in Mayo.

About The Project

A Barbershop for Gentlemen

Kelly’s announced there long-awaited Kelly’s own brand hair products. However not having a online presence that caters online commerce.


After multiple consultations, our process started on this exciting project. Their original website was very obsolete. The images used on the website were taken with a crop sensor camera which pixelated the images on website. Identified at the start, to enhance the customer experience, we agreed to give instructional videos to use their products using our 4K camera. The website design will be used along with all images taken by Philomedia. The Ecommerce platform will automate the full process for the staff at Kelly’s Barbers to process all orders on the website. A project we are looking forward to launching!