What is a “GOOD” engagement rate on Instagram?

Wondering where your business falls on this scale?? 🤔 Here’s how to accurately calculate your own engagement rate!! 👇🏼⠀

Now before we dive in, it’s important to understand what exactly an engagement rate is…⠀

In its most basic form, engagement rate is simply a measurement of the percentage of your followers who are actively engaging and interacting with your content (i.e. liking, commenting, sharing, saving posts and viewing your profile)⠀

In the grand scheme of things, this is one of the best determinants as to whether or not you are creating an effective content strategy that is truly reaching and resonating with your audience.⠀

Now, one thing we should note is that just like with all data, in order to effectively and accurately calculate your engagement rate, you have to have a large enough sample size (i.e. a large enough following) and beyond that, a following that is made up of more than just your direct friends and family!⠀

➡️ The ranges listed in the graphic, are the industry average for businesses accounts that have over 2,000 followers!⠀

➡️ Any account with less than that will likely see their engagement rate skewed much higher than normal. This is because, at this size, your audience is likely to consist of mostly first acquaintances (family, friends, employees, etc!) These people are much more inclined to engage with your content than potential customers and leads who have never met you!⠀

To put it into perspective…⠀
👉🏽 The average engagement rate for an account with MORE than 2k followers is 1-3%⠀
👉🏽 The average engagement rate for an account with LESS than 2k followers is 20-40%⠀

There’s a big difference there!!⠀

So before you start obsessing over your engagement rate, you want to make sure that you are working with an adequate sample size/follower count.⠀

Now it’s time to dive into the calculations. You can access this tool using the URL below!⠀

📲 https://bit.ly/3jbe6Nc⠀

You should track this measurement at least 1x per month so that you can see how the content you’re creating is affecting your engagement.⠀

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