GOOGLE ADS? What are they? 🤷‍♂️ I talked last week about “If a social platform closed down – Would you still have a business?” But what if social stopped completely. Would you still have a business?
But do many business owners realise some customers / users decision journey? Many users use GOOGLE to review your business, check competitors before making any purchase or submit their details.
So if 80% of the Global Internet population see our Google ads, why aren’t we using Google Advertising? I question this so much. 🧐

What is impressive, is that users can’t differentiate between the Ads and an Organic ranked page. The lifespan of a Google Ad can be dramatically slim (A lot shorter than Social Media). Grabbing the users attention within seconds is vital. Using a eye-catching headline is necessary to ensure a return on investment.
Recently, we ran our first experimental campaign for a Skincare brand in Ireland here. After only spending €10 per day. Their return had increased 135% compared to the previous period and we saw a 5947.6% return on ad spend. 💰
But what now? Start building audiences using keywords. 🤓


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