Getting online is optional,

Succeeding online is mandatory.

We help our customers succeed online with omnichannel performance marketing that is data-driven and results-driven. Each of our partner companies receives a specialised marketing team as well as real-time reporting software packed full of the KPIs that matter to you.



Specialised Marketing Team

Digital Development

Digital development is the process of creating and implementing new technology and software solutions. This involves researching, designing, building, testing and launching applications for a variety of websites and mobile platforms.


Digital Content

Digital content is any type of content that exists in digital format includes multimedia content such as videos, graphics, and written pieces that are used to promote products and services.


Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is a plan for managing, optimising and leveraging digital technologies within an organisation. It involves analysing data, customer needs & market trends to create solutions that maximize value.


Digital Production

Digital production involves creating digital content such as videos, audio, graphics and animation using special software and hardware. It can be used to create anything from short clips to feature-length films.


Digital Photography

Digital photography uses digital cameras, image sensors and computer software to capture photos for your business. It offers such services as advanced features such as focus adjustment, enhancing colors and removing unwanted objects from images.


Digital Payments

Digital payments are the use of digital technology to facilitate financial transactions. This includes popular methods such as debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Branding Strategy

Branding strategy is a plan to differentiate a business from its competitors and create an identity in the marketplace. It includes developing and managing a brand’s name, messaging, visuals, and other elements.


Logo Design

Logo design is the process of developing a brand’s visual identity. It involves creating symbols, logos, and designs to be used on company materials and product packaging.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of creating visuals to communicate a message or concept. It involves developing layouts, illustrations, images, and typography for use in product packaging, websites, and marketing materials.


Digital Training

Digital training is the use of digital technologies to deliver educational content and enable learning. It can include online courses, virtual classrooms, and interactive e-learning modules.


Digital Print

Digital printing uses digital images to transfer ink, toner, or other media onto a variety of substrates. It is used for high-quality and fast printing on items like paper, cardboard, vinyl, and business stationary.


Digital Consultancy

Digital consultancy is the use of technology to provide advice and guidance on the implementation and management of digital strategies. It includes analyzing data, developing strategies, and providing guidance on how to achieve desired goals.


About Philomedia

Diverse Solutions,

One Partner.

We understand how difficult it might be to go to two or three providers for five or six marketing services. That is why we have carefully constructed and upskilled our team to supply everything our customers want in one location. We are particularly proud of:

-Facilitated conversational flow
-Marketing that evolves with your needs
-Analytics-driven decisions
-Exceptional levels of contentment within your product/service



Our Partnered Businesses


What Our Partnered Businesses
Say About Our Services

I've worked with Philomedia for the past several months and I've found them hugely beneficial to my event company. They are hard working and extremely professional from start to finish. I'd highly recommend their services.
Partnered Business
We choose Philomedia because I was aware of Jason's pedigree in this area. I was sure they would do a good job. They likes things to 'look good' and 'be right', which are critical things for a website. Philomedia has a fresh, modern and professional image and that reflected what we were trying to portray with SHE Research. We are keen on attention to detail and found that in Philomedia as well. The best thing about the service was the responsiveness. The process was smooth and there was always progress based on feedback. I would recommend Philomedia if you want something bespoke, if you want to see results quickly and if you want to work with an engaging, friendly company.
Dr. Aoife Lane
Partnered Business
Jason and his team are savvy and supportive when it comes to digital marketing. We have collaborated on a number of projects and I trust his work and his judgement.
Partnered Business


Every project incorporates all of Philomedia’s methodologies. Creating detailed strategies and exceeding expectations are two of our favourite things to accomplish. There is no such thing as an impossible assignment in our team. Our staff is dedicated to producing first-rate work, from first-rate solutions to first-rate execution.


Should I have a digital presence?

Having an excellent digital presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. It helps you to create a strong, positive image that resonates with customers and encourages them to engage with your brand. An excellent digital presence also allows you to reach a wider audience, build relationships with key stakeholders, generate leads and improve customer loyalty

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